This week we have been fascinated by the findings of the The Girls’ Future Report, completed by the Girls’ Day School Trust to spotlight the ambitions of 9-18 year old girls across the country. The report provides a great insight into the future that girls want for themselves – and we reckon that careers in STEM seem like a great fit for the women of tomorrow!

Here is some of the compelling data that the report revealed:
  • 83% of girls in senior school want to do a job that they enjoy, compared with 33% that aspire to be their own boss.
  • 66% want to make a difference to society through their careers. 75%  believe it is their generation’s responsibility to make the world a better place.
  • Only 20% want to work in an office and 75% want to work flexibly.
When we read through this report, we think about how well suited they would be to some of the varied roles a STEM career pathway could provide, such as:

Formulation Chemist – they create and develop formulations for new cosmetic products, or re-engineer existing products. They might focus on one category, such as hair care, skin care, personal care, fragrance, bath and body, sun care or colour cosmetics.

Environmental Engineer – they are involved in managing and reducing waste and minimising pollution in order to protect, restore and preserve the planet.

Software Engineer –  design and create computer systems and applications to solve real-world problems. These roles are often flexible and suited to remote working.

For more information about careers in STEM, Prospects is a great resource.

It’s still 4 months away, but International Women and Girls in STEM Day (Feb 11) will be here before you know it and it is such a powerful opportunity to get young girls excited about STEM subjects. All our products – our STEM boxes and our Resource Subscription – make it easy for teachers to deliver an exciting STEM experience (even if you aren’t already a STEM expert)!