As we discussed in the previous post – there is still a very big gender gap in STEM higher education and STEM careers. However independent girls’ schools across the country are working on ways to reverse that trend. Here’s a few ways they are tackling the challenge:

St Mary’s Calne ensure that their  STEM teachers are mostly female, setting a great example. They also encourage students to set up their own clubs – like Dissecting Club!

Mayfield School, where STEM subjects are the most popular A-Levels, they really push experiential learning through a wide range of activities like robot building, crystal formation and aromatherapy.

Downe House has appointed it’s first ever head of STEM who is pushing their department forwards by setting up a TED Talk style program inviting guest speakers to the school.

Surbiton High School is similarly focussed on guest speakers, inviting old pupils who work in STEM industries back to talk to current students.

Malvern St James Girls’ School follows a STEAM curriculum with the addition of Art elements to teach design and innovation.

Badminton School have established an Science Outreach Program that see’s Sixth Formers demonstrating and presenting science experiments in front of Primary School pupils to share their enthusiasm for STEM subjects.

Benenden School is hosting a STEM Convention with 100’s of pupils from partner schools to present independently lead research and projects.

If you want to learn more about how the independent schools are addressing the STEM gender gap this article offers a great deep dive,