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STEM Activity Boxes

Phosphor - Walking Robot STEM Box


Phosphor - Domino Machine STEM Box


Phosphor - Science of Ice Cream STEM Box


Phosphor - Race Day STEM Box


Phosphor - Astronaut Starter Kit STEM Box


Phosphor- STEM Activity Box

What is it? A curated selection of the popular STEM activity boxes! Developed by KiwiCo in the US, but with the additional benefit of ALL the resources needed for you to deliver 6 x hours worth of lessons, with built in links to the KS2 and KS3 curriculum. The best bit? Teachers notes are included, so teachers don’t need to do any prep (or have a background in STEM subjects) to successfully deliver an engaging experience for pupils!

What do you get? All the parts and equipment needed to build a Walking Robot, a Domino Machine or to make your own Ice Cream! Materials for 6 x hours of lessons, developed by teachers. Includes experiments and activities with clear links to the KS2 and KS3 curriculum. Teachers notes with a session by session guide. A selection of Phosphor resources relevant to the topics covered in the box. Suitable to be carried out as a group or individually. 

The kids had a fantastic time building the Walking Robots. They were engaged, worked well as a team to follow the instructions and very excited about seeing them in action, particularly when it came to team robot races!

Teacher, St. George's Prep School

Resource Subscription

Phosphor Resource Subscription

What is it? Our resources explore cutting edge scientific news and developments, with contextual information to link it to the KS2 and KS3 curriculum.  These are presented in an eye-catching format with clear pictures, diagrams and illustrations to engage young students. Each article finishes with 5 questions that are a great springboard for deeper learning and discussion. Our resources are perfect for enrichment activities, Science/STEM Clubs and extended learning.  Prices start at just £6!

What do you get?  5x new articles a month, plus access to our entire back catalogue with 70+ articles available to download and keep forever! Each month we spend 15 hours developing new resources –  but you get them with just a couple of clicks!




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About Phosphor

Phosphor was founded by Andrew Lochery in 2021, after 16 years of teaching science and writing science resources for institutions such as Pearson and T.E.S. In his own teaching career he struggled accessing high quality STEM resources to inspire and support his students – that didn’t require lots of additional work and prep for him! Working with a team of experienced educators, Phosphor has been developed to provide easy-to-use resources for teachers, designed to make science relevant and exciting for their students.